Dental Practice Law Guide

DentalPracticeLawGuideNavigate the Challenging Dental Practice Laws and Regulations

Dental Practice Law Guide is a newly published book that helps dentists and their employees through the legal complexities that go along with the business of running a dental practice, employment issues that dentists and their practices face, malpractice issues, OSHA and HIPAA. Attorney Hatch has written this the Dental Practice Law Guide based on his years of experience dealing with dental practices from a business point of view and from an educational background in both law and employment. Dental Practice Law Guide is an essential companion to growing your dental practice.

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By Attorney Brian Hatch. $60/copy (hard cover edition)

Key Chapters and Excerpts from Dental Practice Law Guide:

  •  “Basic Legal Issues in Transitioning a Dental Practice”

o “So you’ve decided you want to retire in five to ten years and start enjoying the life after dentistry that you’re worked long and hard for.  What are the legal issues you should consider during the five to ten years before retirement when you either transfer the practice over to another dentist or close out the practice?”

  • “Dental Practice Valuations”

o “While it is important to obtain an experienced dental practice valuation expert when looking at the actual sale o the practice, a dentist may want to have a rough estimate of the value of his or her practice ready for many situations such as a divorce or addingcan associate.  These methods may be used to arrive at that figure before hiring that expert to make a detailed review of the value of the practice.”

· “Dental Practice Employee Handbooks”

o “Smaller employers such as dental practices often will not think that their employees need to have an employee handbook given to them upon hiring.  But not only does an employee handbook give useful information to the employee, it allows for legal backup should any disputes over discharges, rules violations or benefits arise.”

  •  “Dental Employment Agreements”

o “Here are some aspects of such agreements that dentists should make attorneys aware of when the dentist would like to enter into an agreement with a prospective partner

  •  “What to Include in Written Associate Agreements”

o “Taking on an associate in a dental practice requires that the owner dentist and the and the incoming associate agree on many things having to do with the way the practice is run and the rights and responsibilities of each party.  A written associate agreement must be developed so that any future problems between the dentist and the associate are resolved out of court.”

  •  “Forming Dental Practice Corporations”
  • “Handling a HIPAA Audit”
  •  “The HIPAA Regulations for Dental Offices”
  • “Can Non-Dentists Own Dental Practices?’