brianhatchAbout the Firm

Attorney Brian T. Hatch is the founder of Hatch Legal Group, the only dental practice specialty law firm in Massachusetts.   Attorney Hatch has had clients from dental practices across Massachusetts, performing legal services in the areas of employment law, dental practice purchases and sales,  dental licensing and regulations, business law, malpractice, privacy law, real estate, and other areas. He has represented dentists in Massachusetts trial and appellate courts as well as the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry.   Since 2002, Hatch Legal Group has published Dental Practice Legal Update, a monthly newsletter which highlights news about dentistry and the law as well as provides feature articles on practical applications of law for dentists, dental practices, and their personnel.

Attorney Hatch graduated from Colgate University in 1981 and attended Boston College Law School, where he graduated in 1984 and went on to become a law clerk for judges and magistrates of the New Hampshire Superior Court. He earned a Masters of Science in Labor and Industrial Relations from the University of Rhode Island in 2000. He has made presentations about dentistry and the law in a number of different seminars for dental practices, and has spoken before the Yankee Dental Congress, several Massachusetts dental societies, Tufts University Dental School, Boston University Dental School, and numerous other groups.    Attorney Hatch enjoys working with the Attleboro Land Trust to preserve land in the Attleboro area for hiking and recreational use.  He resides in Attleboro, Massachusetts