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dentalchairBuying and Selling a Dental Practice
Hiring a Dental Attorney is are crucial when buying or selling a dental practice. This transaction presents the parties with a myriad of transitional issues commonly found in most sales of small businesses: new leasing arrangements, inventory transfers, taxation issues, and valuation of the business at present and in the future, to name just a few.  But there are unique issues confronting a dental practice owner and a prospective purchaser of a practice which should be dealt with by the professionals themselves in conjunction with a good business or transactional attorney.

You need a dental attorney who practices in Massachusetts (MA) to consider theses issues and more:

  • Probably one of the most often neglected areas of contracts for the purchase and sale of a practice are the issues involving re-treatment.
  • Certain warranties should be written into an agreement that take into account some of the necessary ongoing responsibilities that a dental practice seller and purchaser must be aware of.
  • How obligations to employees involved in the practice which is being transitioned are met is important both for adherence to state employment regulations, for fulfilling contractual arrangements, and for meeting reasonable expectations of employees who are being terminated or reemployed during a transition.
  • Provisions detailing the potential problem of “successor liability” should be put in a purchase and sale agreement.

Many dentists are presented with “standard form” agreements by brokers or attorneys not necessarily knowing the particular circumstances of the buyer and seller. Customization of these agreements is important to make a transition a successful one. Contact Brian Hatch today, your dental attorney licensed in Massachusetts (MA) and founder of the only Massachusetts Dental Specialty Law Firm, Hatch Legal Group.


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About Attorney Brian Hatch

Attorney Brian T. Hatch is the founder of Hatch Legal Group, a dental practice specialty law firm located in Attleboro, Massachusetts since 2002. Having been involved in the dental industry since 1995, Attorney Hatch has retained clients from dental practices across Massachusetts in the areas of employment law, business law, dental licensing and regulation, malpractice, privacy law, real estate, and other areas. He has represented dentists in Massachusetts trial and appellate courts as well as at the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry.

Attorney Hatch graduated from Colgate University in 1981 and Boston College Law School in 1984, and earned an M.S. in Labor Relations and Human Resources from the University of Rhode Island in 2000.